Is it hard for INFP to live? :Relationship Conflicts

Is it hard for INFP to live? :Relationship Conflicts

Hello, I’m Tsumugi Yuri!

This time, I will explain whether INFP is difficult to live.

In conclusion, it may be difficult to live because there are many conflicts between ideals and human relations, but it is not necessarily the opposite of the advantage .

Is it hard for INFP to live? :Relationship Conflicts

INFP and Disability

As for whether or not the infp type is difficult to live, from what I’ve heard, there are many people who think that it is difficult to live lol

This time, I’ll explain why.

There are many conflicts between ideals and reality

You can say that the infp or nf type (the type in which intuition and emotion have a high priority) is an idealistic temperament .

n means intuition (future) and f means mainly emotion, and in general, future emotion = ideal tends to be the purpose of life .

So, infp and infj, enfp and enfj, the type that prioritizes the ideal and future image, respectively.

But infp, because of its psychological function, puts more importance on the inside than on the theory, and tries to achieve the ideal by working outside.

Therefore, it may be necessary to make a movement to achieve a purpose using something you are not good at, which leads to difficulty in living.

Empathy and HSP

Infp tend to be more empathetic and kind anyway.


This is because the diplomatic intuition of the psychological function is in the alternative, and the nature of things is important.

What I want to say is that because they are gentle and empathetic, as a result, their delicacy stands out, they tend to become HSP temperament (sensitive people), and they tend to become more difficult to live.

Difference from infj and isfp types

The infj type is more of a self-acting type, while the infp type is more of a passive type .

It can be said that these parts that are always behind the curve are also the point that increases fatigue.

Also, the isfp type is superior in s (sense) function, and likes things that can be seen such as hobbies and food.

On the other hand, infp likes things that are invisible, such as essence and psychology, so if you compare them, you can say that it is easy to understand the purpose and how to deal with them, and it can be said that there are these differences.

How to overcome the difficulty of living

I understand that the ratio of having a lot of difficulty in life is high, but I would like to explain how to deal with it because it will be a talk about what to do.

By the way, I myself am an intj type , and I can say that it is a type that is quite difficult to live, lol, and I hope you will keep in mind that it is not only the infp type

In the first place, all humans have some kind of worries and anxieties

According to a research result, people’s anxiety about money is almost the same when their annual income is higher than 8 million yen.

In addition, when I observe the Internet and the real world, I think that there are differences in values, such as “I worry there” or “I don’t worry here” (I think there are).

What I want to say is that I think it is beneficial to think that the absolute amount of anxiety and stress are not so different among individuals, even if the degree is different lol

Celebrities who are successful and envied by everyone have a lot of problems, or bloggers who are not famous at all look very happy.

Therefore, the first step is to stop comparing with others .

Give up the inevitable parts

For example, I’m a man, but I can’t be a woman unless I have sex change surgery.

I’m not so sure about gender reassignment surgery, but it’s going to cost you a lot of money and risk.

What do you want to say? I think that it is more positive to give up the part that you give up at least a little in terms of the environment and character that you have, lol

Therefore, I think that there is definitely a positive direction, such as, for example, I hope it will become lighter little by little, or I will develop my strengths accordingly, rather than a direction of correcting the delicacy, and it is healthy and realistic .

Human character changes during growth

Human beings are composed of multiple layers like matryoshka .

The most central of these is temperament, which is born with and can never be changed.

However, the outside, the personality you usually have and the tendency to act are of course not easy with one mind, but it is not so difficult to change .

Therefore, there is a part that can be done by training and getting used to it, so on the contrary, I think it is very wasteful to give up.

There is a fine line between pros and cons

I wrote an article called MBTI Mental Ranking before on this site


, the entp type was ranked first, but the entp type tends to be a lot of so-called psychopathic people lol (This is just a tendency. It is said that there are quite a lot of intj type of the author).

What you want to say is, the weak point is the strong point from a different point of view.

The kindness and empathy of infp are very strong points, so if you make a life plan that makes use of that part, your life satisfaction will greatly improve .


Above, I explained whether infp is difficult to live!

You can change it to plus as much as you want, so let’s take it easy and think positively.