INTJ and other type compatibility ranking:Love and work

INTJ and other type compatibility ranking:Love and work

Hello, I’m Tsumugi Yuri!

This time, I will talk about the compatibility ranking of INTJ and other types , mainly with experiences !

The conclusion is that MBTI alone cannot measure compatibility in the first place , but a similar psychological analysis called Socionics can measure compatibility .

The compatibility of MBTI, which is said mainly on the Internet, is all originated from Socionics, so I would like to talk about it in the middle of the article in addition to the experience talk.

INTJ and other type compatibility ranking:Love and work

About compatibility ranking and socionics

  1. ISFP
  2. INFP
  3. ESFP
  4. ENTJ
  5. ENFJ
  6. ISFJ
  7. ISTJ
  8. ENFP
  9. ENTP
  10. INFJ
  11. INTP
  12. INTJ
  13. ESFJ
  14. ISTP
  15. ESTP
  16. ESTJ

I will talk about the individual reasons later, but first I will talk about compatibility with MBTI .

Due to its structure, MBTI has a mechanism in which compatibility is never known , so it inevitably leads to prejudice and speculation.

Therefore, I would like you to take it as a personal opinion of someone who is very familiar with MBTI.

Guess from matching apps and past experiences

Actually, I am running a matching app lol

In the past, I have been in a serious relationship with two people (I was rejected and am reopening in sorrow), but there have been other matches .

It can be a topic of conversation, I didn’t dream of writing a blog at that time , so it’s a completely personal hobby lol

In addition, my friend (female) whom I met on the app also likes MBTI, and I still contact them and exchange MBTI-related information.

The above ranking is based on experience with matching apps .

Other than that, I predict the type of person I’m going to talk to at work and measure my compatibility with them.

We created a ranking based on those experiences.

On Socionics, a theory similar to MBTI

Socionics is the same as MBTI, psychological test that can also diagnose compatibility based on Jung’s type theory

If you write it in detail, it will be very long lol, I think the MBTI site that writes compatibility on the net is basically based on this socionics .

However, it is very confusing that Socionics has a theory that p and j of the introversion type are opposite lol

For example, INTJ and ESFJ are said to be a perfect match, but this is said to be the harm caused by the spread of mistranslations .

How credible is the Socionics?

In the first place, both MBTI and Socionics , are not recognized by academic societies and have no scientific basis .

However, I have actually talked with the people of esfp, isfp, and entj, who are said to be compatible with the intj type in Socionics, and they were all so easy to talk to and natural, I think I can believe the compatibility of Socionics by bodily sensation .

In addition, socionics has names between types such as duality relation and activation relation, this relation is also very correct and very good as a guide.

Going back to the ranking, we decided the ranking by adding experience stories such as matching apps and knowledge of socionics.

Description of individual type compatibility

Now, I will quickly talk about individual compatibility.

It would be great if you read it as a personal opinion and entertainment.


I have a friend that I’ve been in contact with for about 20 years, and that friend is ISFP lol

Also, my old girlfriend is the same ISFP type.

I thought about the reason, they are both introverted types that don’t interfere with others , they have the same feelings and wavelengths

ISFP is a pacifist and non-intrusive type of person who puts their own emotions first.

In short, the character of valuing one’s own world and hobbies while accepting others as much as possible as long as there is no harm

INTJ, on the other hand, is the type that prioritizes their own long-term goals, but doesn’t get too involved because they’re not interested in others .

In other words, they are the type who don’t attack each other lol

Whether it is love or work , I think the most compatible type (activation relationship, the second best compatibility in Socionics).


INFP, like ISFP, prioritizes their own emotions , the impression that they are a little dreamy and fluffy lol

In addition I value individuality , I have the open-mindedness to accept it even if the opponent is eccentric

On the other hand, INTJ is at the top of all types in terms of individuality, and I can give advice to the unrealistic points of INFP, so I think the two are very compatible .

My old girlfriend was also an INFP, and I also had a lot more INFP matches

Sociologically, the group called Quadra is different, but INFP and INTJ are considered to be compatible (INTJ teaches INFP).


Sociologically, ESFP is considered the most compatible with INTJ (dual relationship) .

But I think that there are various obstacles in the field of love

ENFP is very chatty and popular.

Even if I am not popular, I think it is realistic and severe in the love field.

So, INTJ has been successful in their work , if there is no attractiveness, it will be quite severe .

However, from the INTJ side, it is very easy because the other party speaks and understands the atmosphere.

In addition, ESFP seems to have more hobbies such as outdoor activities and traveling, but INTJ is probably the true opposite

Recently, I have been thinking that the aspect is good but realistically how it is .

On the other hand, in a relationship of work or friends , smooth relationship is easy .


Two entj have also matched in the past.

Sociological compatibility is good, but I think it will be a composition in which intj is pushed a little

As entj puts the most importance on the result, I feel that the status such as the income side becomes important as well as esfp.

However, the topics and directions match, so it is safe to say that the chemistry is good.

Is it an image of staff (intj) and leader (entj) ?


enfj is a rather versatile type that is kind to everyone and can also take leadership.

Even an intj with a strong habit will be compatible with such an enfj.

If there is, it is too much meddling and I get sick of intj.

Is it the case that enfj is disgusted with intj which is too individualistic?


Actually, the most matched type in the matching app was isfj lol

There may be a simple reason that there are many isfj among Japanese women.

Sociologically, they are attracted to each other at first, but as time goes on, they get tired of each other .

This is true again, right?

From intj’s point of view, isfj is really like a normal person.

However, if you give priority to a relationship that emphasizes a sense of security and stability, it can be said that they are compatible .


My old boss was kind of the istj.

istj and intj look and do exactly alike, but the goal points they are aiming for are surprisingly far apart .

The difference between a realistic goal and a future that may or may not be reached, lol

Therefore, I have an image that romantic relationships are quite difficult.

We can understand each other, but we can never agree .

Socionics But we have a business relationship, so we have a very good working relationship .


enfp is the type of person who is very uninhibited and always looking for new possibilities .

If that direction matches the future of intj’s one point breakthrough, it would be a good fit.

In the matching app, you matched twice and called 1 person.

I think the compatibility is not bad at all, but I wonder if the taste really matches with enfp lol

I am quite confident that intj and infp are compatible, so I don’t think they are that bad with enfp.


It is the entp type that loves to discuss lol

Once, the more I called the person who matched the entp type, the closer we got.

I just wonder, whether intj can endure the freedom of the entp type, whether intj will not be discouraged by being told the right argument , I laugh that it will be a game like that

The entp says all the right things, but the intj is surprisingly weak. lol

I think the chemistry is good, but whether intj can give a correct answer or whether it is conventional to what is said , that is the key point.


To be honest, there is no data on infj at all lol

Because it is a rare type, it does not match, and there are no people who look like it in the workplace .

On the distribution application called REALITY, there was one person who was diagnosed as infj (although it was infp by another diagnosis), and I felt that it was indeed infj when you say it.

My opinion is that infj is a character that you can get along with anyone, and of course you can get along with intj, but it is an image that there is a better partner lol

I I get the impression that nfj values human connection the most, but intj doesn’t value human connection at all lol

So, although istj and intj are similar in terms of stability, infj and intj seem similar and can be said to be very opposite .


Unfortunately, intp doesn’t have much data. lol

To be honest, aren’t they neither good nor bad ?

It is close, and I feel that there are many impressions of mistyping (misdiagnosis) of intj and intp.

I mean, intj stores knowledge for their own goals, whereas intp stores knowledge because they like it image.

Also, intp is more people-loving and has a warmer impression lol

I don’t think it’s a bad chemistry, but I don’t think either of them will be very interested.


Same type.

Sociologically, they seem to be compatible, but I think it is quite bad .

There were matches with intj in the matching app, and there were quite a few women who wrote intj on the profile (why, since women with intj are rare).

First of all, intj type women have unique profiles lol

Yes, my profile is also very unique lol

I feel that the extremely distorted puzzle doesn’t fit well, or rather, I think the weakness is the same because they have the same personality.

Since intj never compromises where it cannot, if the interests coincide, it seems to be compatible , but the possibility of the interests coinciding is quite low.


I think that intj and esfj are not quite compatible.

Some people say that the two are quite compatible on the Internet (based on their experiences), so I wonder what it is like.

intj doesn’t really like to be interfered with or told useless things, right?

I don’t think esfj is very good at saying such things.

However, this is a good intention, so if you say that intj is bad, it is bad, lol

I mean, esfp is an entertainer who enjoys himself and everyone, esfj is like an ogre who helps people, so I wonder how intj feels the difference.


I remember that I cried when I was matched with the istp person and was given a good argument.

Since istp is realistic and good at right arguments, he has quite an attacking power.

When it comes to compatibility in terms of work, it’s like you don’t get along with each other, but you don’t get in the way .

It’s hard to imagine love. lol

Realistic theory (istp) and forward-looking theory (intj), both of which are introverted and clash feeling.

I get the impression that this is a relationship where one of us is going to make a big compromise.


I also think that intp and estp are not very compatible.

The difference between estp, which acts immediately regardless of anything, and intj, which acts carefully after thinking first lol

Also, if estp is your boss, intj will have a hard time (actual experience).

People say,’ Do that, do this,’ but that’s often wrong.

intj is strict about what is wrong, whether it is the boss or the society.

In such a situation, I think that I am not good at estp that commands without questions and answers .

However, intj doesn’t care about other people at all, and there are also people who dislike being too cautious in their actions, so I think that part should be emulated.


Absolutely not, I don’t like it, I just laugh

What do you dislike about yourself as an intj , being ordered or forced to do something , right?

In that regard, estj values discipline and teamwork the most .

From the viewpoint of intj, I just want you to let me be free.

The above is about work, but the compatibility in terms of love. I don’t think it’s that good lol

Against intj whose heart is rather fragile, I feel that the attack of estj will be stabbing w

But I don’t think it’s bad, it’s just a matter of compatibility .


This is the ranking of compatibility between INTJ and other types!

I made it myself, but of course there is a big difference between individuals, so it would be helpful if you could look at it as a reference lol