What is the INTJ atmosphere? Cold and mysterious

What is the INTJ atmosphere? Cold and mysterious

Hello, I’m Tsumugi Yuri!

This time, I will explain the atmosphere of INTJ .

In conclusion, the INTJ type is a romantic who wavers between reality and planning, and is thoroughly individualistic .

Therefore, it has a cold and mysterious atmosphere from the surroundings.

What is the INTJ atmosphere? Cold and mysterious

Thorough explanation of the atmosphere of INTJ

No matter how many times I take the test, I’m an intj type, and this blog also has the most intj articles and the most thoughts lol

Then, I would like to explain the atmosphere of intj by myself.

INTJ is individualistic

This time, when considering the atmosphere, I thought about the common points of people who are considered to be various intj types, such as anime characters and celebrities, as well as myself.

The most common point is that they are overwhelmingly individualistic than any other type .

Let me tell you a little bit about myself here, I have been painting for eight years , and I was uncomfortable with myself not wanting to interact with other painters at all

However, when I found out that it is an intj type, I was convinced that it is true.

INTJ never flock

It is difficult to understand the MBTI of celebrities, so I think it is easy to imagine it as an anime character .

Ikarigentou and Lelouch are absolute individualists , right?

Also, if you look at people you meet on the matching app or intj on the net, the tendency is very strong.

Isolated and self-possessed

If you say it in terms of atmosphere, it is probably a person who is hard to understand what people around him think lol (I am also intj, so it is just a guess)

However, it is not a completely intellectual mood .

When it comes to intellectualism, it is rather intp, and intj, on the other hand, is characterized by whimsy using knowledge rather than knowledge itself, and a somewhat familiar atmosphere .

This is a slightly contradictory advantage, because diplomatic thinking helps, but introverted intuition dominates (seeing the future while seeing the reality).

So what I want to say is that in terms of atmosphere, it’s always a calm, cold atmosphere, but it also has a somewhat passionate, mysterious atmosphere

INTJ and Mysterious

As an atmosphere of intj type, it is cold and mysterious in a word.

In the first half, we focused on individualism, but in the second half, let’s focus on this “cold and mysterious” part.

INTJ prioritizes planning above all else …

intj always puts the plan first

The reason is that introverted intuition is dominant and tends to make the purpose of living your own future figure = plan is important .

However, I look at the reality with cold eyes, and I don’t care about common sense or other people’s eyes at all lol

This cherishing the plan and not caring about others leads to a somewhat cold atmosphere


Why it is mysterious

There are several reasons, but they are as follows: lol

    • Do not want to interact with others in the first place

    • In my head, I always think about plans

    • It is hard to approach because of the cold atmosphere

It can be said that it tends to have a mysterious atmosphere because it seems to be somewhat difficult to understand, such as it is not just a cold person, it is trying to accomplish something, it doesn’t dislike humans but seems to have no interest in humans.

By the way, when I talk about myself, I’m a blogger, so I think I’m telling a lot of personal stories, but compared to other bloggers, I should be thought to be quite mysterious lol

This is also true on the net, but even in real life, they talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk to talk

However, the characteristic of intj is that it is weak to relatives and people who let their guard down, so you can expect that the gap is quite severe .

Cold romantic

I feel that “cold romantic” is the perfect adjective to describe intj.

You look at the reality, but you try to somehow realize your own plan that you envision .

However, I don’t talk about it and I hardly ever hear it, so I think it tends to look cold and mysterious to people around me

Well, if you ask the person himself, will he tell you? Well, I think he will tell you, but there may be few opportunities to do so.

The conclusion is that you don’t want to get involved with the people of intj, and that the purpose of living tends to be to carry out the plan, but it creates a complex atmosphere .


That is all I have explained about the atmosphere of INTJ!

It can be said that it is a very unique personality type in that the atmosphere seen from the surroundings and the actual personality are different.