Are INFP attractive? Characteristics and romantic tendencies

Are INFP attractive? Characteristics and romantic tendencies

Hello, I’m Tsumugi Yuri!

This time I will explain whether INFP is attractive, its characteristics and romantic tendencies.

In conclusion, the tolerance to see the inner side of a person without any reason and the kindness due to high empathy are attractive


Are INFP attractive? Characteristics and romantic tendencies

Does INFP Appeal To You? Hands-on Experience

First of all, I was an intj type myself and my ex-girlfriend was an infp type lol

After that, there are many matches with infp type in matching applications, etc., and I would like to explain its attractiveness from various aspects .

Inner Focus

It can be said that infp is a personality tendency that puts a great emphasis on the inside in daily life and love


I’m also very interested in new things, and I value the possibilities anyway.

In the world, there are a lot of times when it is just a pretext to put emphasis on the inside, lol, but for infp, such a possibility is extremely low .

Empathetic and kind

Infp are very sensitive and therefore have the kindness to sympathize with people’s grief and thoughts.

Therefore, infp is the only choice for those who want a gentle type.

However, because they are highly sensitive, they tend to be mentally weak (they care about the reactions of people around them), so I feel that the person himself tend to have a hard time in some way.

Lots of unique and interesting people

It can be said that infp and individuality are inseparable .

As I see various possibilities and always think about the future (ideal) before acting, I get a little out of touch with reality.

On the other hand, I feel that there are many innovative ideas and ways of thinking.

As a result of focusing on the invisible rather than the visible, it can be said that individuality tends to stand out .

Disadvantages, caveats, how to find INFP

Next, I will give you a note of caution as the opposite of attractiveness lol

I love the infp type myself, but of course no type is all about the pros.

High ideals lead to stubbornness

This ideal is not an annual income or a face, but a more vague image of a future life lol

It is a complete contradiction of being kind but stubborn, but I wonder if it is infp that the contradiction is living together.

In short, I think that the essence of the loop is to put importance on the inside and possibility → a gentle atmosphere → the root is to put the most importance on one’s own emotions → as a result, put importance on the inside and possibility


In other words, is it easier to understand that both you and others value emotions?

Weak push, easy to fool

It can be said that infp is a very weak type among all types.

Maybe that’s why it’s easy to believe people , for better or worse.

However, it can also be said that this is a reaction to the fact that there are advantages, so I guess I have to be careful.

How to appeal

I think that the above two points are the disadvantages, but then how should infp appeal its own attractiveness .

After all, you should push the multi-hobby aspect or the spiritual aspect to the whole .

There should always be people who match infp, so I recommend you to search extensively without narrowing down the conditions.

What should people do if they want to find INFP?

There is only one matching application that shows MBTI, but I have registered it, but the number of users is too small to be realistic lol

Those who have more of the following characteristics are more likely to have infp .

  • Curious to ask any question
  • Respect the other person’s opinion
  • A vague vision of the future

I wrote it myself, but it is a very vague condition lol

Other images are stylish and soft atmosphere, somewhat fleeting feeling, many smiles .


I explained if infp is attractive, its characteristics and romantic tendencies!

Not only infp, but all types have their merits and demerits, so it is important to look at the person and talk to him.