What is the INFP atmosphere? Gentle, empathetic and individualistic.

What is the INFP atmosphere? Gentle, empathetic and individualistic.

Hello, I’m Tsumugi Yuri!

This time I will talk about the atmosphere of infp.

In conclusion, there are many people who have a gentle and gentle personality, pacifism, and a somewhat unique and eccentric atmosphere type.


What is the INFP atmosphere? Gentle, empathetic and individualistic.

INFP has two main aspects

The first thing about infp is its gentle and serene atmosphere .

The reason for such an atmosphere is the complex psychological function .

Accepting the possibilities while prioritizing your emotions

The predominant function of infp is something called “introversion” .

That’s why you give priority to what you think and how you feel.

Because I want to value my emotions, I also respect people’s opinions. This is the flow of thinking.

So far, it is the same as isfp with one character difference, but its auxiliary function changes its appearance significantly .

Taking care of the inner self

The auxiliary function of infp is diplomatic intuition .

This gives priority to the abstract or more essential things of others and society.

Yes, this is why infp values the inner person.

I want to be kind to people because I value my emotions, and I want to respect others more because I can see the inner side of them better, and these things lead to a gentle and gentle atmosphere in general


Empathic and sensitive

Add on, the introverted sense of the alternative function is the function of valuing one’s own past .

In addition, diplomatic thinking, which judges data, theories, etc., is positioned as an inferior function .

To sum up the above two lines, I am not good at judging by information from the outside world, and I have a very strong character of. prioritizing my own and others’ emotions.

At best, they are empathic and sensitive.

To put it badly, it is weak to push and easy to be deceived.

INFP and personality

I thought it was his personality that he couldn’t be separated from infp.

Another personality assessment called the

Because I value the inside

Infp puts a lot of importance on the inside, including others.

By the collaboration of introverted emotions and diplomatic intuition, even the abstract things that follow your inner self (which are not always good in the world) can be the object of taste without prejudice.

In addition, since it is not good at distinguishing data, overall, it can be said that it is easy to become a value that is different from people .

How unique

It’s not as outlandish as intj, it’s not as active as estp , and you can say that the way of thinking and thinking is unique to the extent of common sense.

So it may not be easy to understand at a glance.

However, it can be said that the tendency will definitely appear in the way of living and in the partner .

Overall infp vibe

Those who search by “infp mood” probably want to know the image and example of a glance, so I will summarize the easy-to-understand mood after explaining the psychological function and type consideration until now.

      • Soft and friendly

      • Somewhat fragile and fluffy

      • White over black, pastel or light colors

      • Princess, the main character of the girls’ manga

      • Transparent Kaleidoscope


    Above, I explained the atmosphere of infp!

    It is often said that the infp type is constantly struggling to survive and worry, but its kindness and individuality are advantages that no other type can imitate, so let’s be confident.