Hat are the romantic tendencies of INFP?

Hat are the romantic tendencies of INFP?

Hello, I’m Tsumugi Yuri!

This time, I will explain about INFP’s love tendency .

In conclusion, the romantic tendency to choose a partner with a lot of personality with an inner focus .

Hat are the romantic tendencies of INFP?

What are INFP romantic tendencies?

To put infp’s love tendency in one word, there is a tendency to focus on the inside .

Of course, not all of them, but it can be said that the overwhelming type has that tendency compared to other types.

INFP focuses on the inside

infp is very focused on possibilities .

Therefore, there is a tendency to choose partners based on individual character rather than future income or occupation.

The reason is that in order to prioritize our own emotions, we also want to prioritize the emotions of the people around us.

Cherishing the invisible

Invisible things are the way of thinking, compassion, and other values that cannot be quantified .

In addition, it is not a sensory thing such as appearance, but it is just a mental thing.

These are the characteristics that give priority to the inside due to the relationship between what you are good at and what you are not good at, such as the predominance of introverted emotions and the inferiority of diplomatic thinking .

It is easy to become a love full of individuality

Because infp prioritize their own feelings and ways of thinking, and equally value the emotional side of the other person, it is easy for them to be in a relationship full of individuality.

it is good to be swayed by individuality, but infp also values harmony with the surroundings, so it is expected to fluctuate between being oneself

It’s just that I like having individuality in the first place, or it may naturally become that way, or there is a slight individual difference.

INFP Notes on Romantic Tendencies

Now let’s talk about the other caveats.

INFP pays attention to money sense

My ex-girlfriend was infp, but I had a history of personal bankruptcy .

Also, an acquaintance of a friend I met on the matching app was also self-bankrupt due to infp.

Because their diplomatic thinking is inferior, infp are often weak in money sense, so you should be careful about money .

They tend to have a hard time because they are weak

It is also true due to the structure of psychological function, but in my actual experience, I have the impression that infp people are clearly more likely to have mental weakness

Being weak means being empathetic and kind , so it’s a flip side of the pros.

I think the only way to do this is to be aware of it little by little on a daily basis and increase your stress resilience.

Prone to stubbornness

Infp is kind and empathetic, but they tend to be stubborn here and there lol

In short, you give priority to your own emotions (feelings and feelings), so there is no room for theory.

Therefore, if you can stop and think objectively, it is difficult to fail in various choices .


That’s all I’ve explained about infp’s romantic tendencies!

The keywords of infp are inner feelings and emotions, so let’s make use of them and have a fun love relationship.