What is the right job for INFP? Explained by real-life stories

What is the right job for INFP? Explained by real-life stories

Hello, I’m Tsumugi Yuri!

This time, I will introduce you to a suitable position of INFP .

The bottom line is that if you look for it conservatively, it’s routine office work, and if you can take risks, it’s work that benefits people (such as counselors) .

What is the right job for INFP? Explained by real-life stories

INFP’s real niche versus net description

First, please let me tell you the reason for this article and my personal story

I had a relationship with infp’s girlfriend before, and I also had an experience of matching more infp’s on the matching app.

I also hear a lot about infp experiences from my friends.

I will summarize them and introduce you to the right job that really suits infp .

The descriptions on the net are mostly idealistic

First of all, I want to raise my voice and say, The MBTI-related articles written on the net are only ideal, and there are many subtle things in reality .

In particular, corporate articles that only summarize other sites fall under the above.

On a personal blog, it is very useful to say that I am like this and actually I am like that, but a simple copy and paste article is just a theory on paper lol

The ideal and the reality are very different

For example, I am intj, but lawyers and doctors are suitable jobs lol

Similarly, infp is also recommended for creators and the arts for similar reasons .

True If you look only at the characteristics of infp, the ideal may be so, but the right job in the real world is very different from the ideal, such as the application rate or having to secure a life first .

In that sense, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that everyone deserves a creative job just because they’re infp.

That doesn’t mean you’re not creative

However, it is true that infp types are good at seeing the inner side of people, regard individuality , and are suitable for creativity .

Therefore, as a personal opinion of the author, I think that those who are already aiming for the creative side should naturally leave it as it is .

But if you want to find a suitable job or look for a job now, you shouldn’t just look at the art field.

So, without further ado, I’m going to introduce you to some good infp jobs.

Explains the role of infp

A good first clause is:

  • Office work
  • Work that helps people
  • Work not tied to relationships
  • Work that inspires individuality

So let’s actually go through the reasons one by one.

Why I recommend office work

It’s very simple, because the infp people I’ve met so far have a lot of office work lol

There may be a bias that the current Japanese women simply have a lot of clerical work, or they misunderstand the content of work as clerical work because they are not themselves, but I felt that they were all clerical workers.

I tried to guess the reason myself, For better or worse, there are many people who care about others, and more people settle down in office work

It is just a comparison, but it is rather a job type where stress does not occur frequently (infp tends to suffer from human relations due to their psychological function).

In addition, I feel that it is difficult to openly say to your family and acquaintances that you are aiming to become a musician or manga artist.

Jobs that help people

In fact, my old girlfriend was an office worker, but she wanted to change her job because “ I don’t feel like I’m helping someone lol

I think that interpersonal relationships tend to be rewarding because of the character that values the inner self of people.

The first thing that comes to mind is that I was a “counselor”, but in fact, I was somewhat interested in it and read a book about counselors.

Among them, it was written many times that counseling is uniquely rewarding because you are close to people, but you have to be careful not to feel too depressed because you are too tormented by them .

Specifically, things that do not match with the other party outside of work, making sure that the counseling time (30 minutes if it is 30 minutes) is thorough, etc.

In that sense, if an infp who sympathizes too much with the other person counsels, the sensitivity may collapse.

However, even if you are not a counselor, , depending on the department or type of business, I think you are suited for a job that helps people.

Work that is not tied to relationships

infp is a personality type who is very troubled by relationships.

Because of that, I think there are many people who say that they are less stressed by being remote.

As an aside, It is thought that it is not contradictory to want to be good for others = to be easy to worry about human relations, but I think that this contradiction can be said to be unique to infp.

Personally, I recommend bloggers as a job that I don’t meet people, but actually at the time of writing this article (as of July 2022), I think this is quite hard lol

As a feeling, I imagine that the daily salary increases by 2 yen every time I write 7 articles (in my case).

If there are some eccentric people who want to try to be a blogger, I recommend that you start from a side job and see how it goes lol

* It may not be suitable for infp just because you don’t meet people.

Work that inspires individuality

It also leads to creators and artists, but I think infp is suitable for a job that allows them to show their individuality .

I think it is suitable, or if it is not such a job, I don’t feel something is missing or worthwhile .

This is due to its psychological function.

Other types don’t have this column, but only infp has been added, which is my hunch, but isn’t the site creator infp?

Conditions should be more important than job type

When you ask about the right job, it tends to be nurses, programmers, and so on.

Certainly It is easier to understand the job type, but I think it is easier to think about a realistic suitable job if you think about the conditions in more detail.

If you are a designer, for example, you can help people and it is easy to show your individuality.

But in that case, I also feel that I will be troubled by the human relations with my boss and clients.

On the other hand, even if it is an office work, there are cases where they will give thanks and worries in person, and it is easier to expand if you do not decide it as a job type of ○ ○ .

It’s also a good idea to start with the things you don’t like or the jobs you’re not suited for

In general, it is said that the shortcut to thinking about the right job or job is to think about what you are good at .

But if you can’t find it, why don’t you think about what you are not good at first?

In my opinion, bloggers were the ones who left out things they were not good at, such as not meeting people and not depending on others such as sns.

So I think if you remove yourself, what you don’t like or dislike about yourself, it will be easier to find the right job.


Above, I explained the suitable job of infp from actual experience!

Let’s live in an ideal future while examining what we are good at and what we are not good at.